Empowering the eSports Industry: AOTO Collaborates with Japanese Telecom Giant KDDI to Create a Premier Esports Venue

27 | 03 | 2024

Recently, the high-end eSports venue esports Style UENO, powered by AOTO and created in collaboration with Japanese telecom giant KDDI, officially opened its doors. The combination of a spacious and comfortable environment, popular and engaging games, plus high-definition LED displays brings an excellent competitive experience to a wide array of players, immersing them in the joy and visual excitement gaming offers.
With the rapid rise of the eSports industry and popular games like "World of Warcraft," "League of Legends," and "PUBG" sparking wave after wave of eSports fervor, KDDI, ranked among the top three telecommunications companies in Japan, established the high-end eSports venue esports Style UENO. The decision to collaborate with AOTO was driven by AOTO's globally recognized brand influence and robust technical expertise in the intelligent visual display domain. Through this partnership with AOTO, KDDI aims to introduce cutting-edge visual display technology into the eSports arena, enhancing the competitive experience and fostering the growth of eSports culture. The chosen AOTO CV series products, equipped with AOTO’s proprietary advanced LED display control system, offer flexible configuration and quick display adjustments. Combined with dynamic moving headlights, they meet the diverse requirements of gaming scenarios, delivering an immersive eSports experience to players.
eSports events rely on fast, clear, and smooth image transmission to accurately present the competition, and AOTO's technology meets this need perfectly. The LED display, with a pixel pitch of 1.8mm, elevates the in-venue spectating experience through its high brightness, high refresh rate, wide viewing angle, and exceptional color performance. The design of esports Style UENO caters to the varied demands of eSports activities, whether serving as the backdrop for the main stage, broadcasting other competitions at MeetUp booths, or displaying public viewing content, it offers spectators a unique and extensive viewing experience. Additionally, the venue’s lighting design, which adjusts effects based on the activity, creates a vibrant atmosphere, enhancing the venue's sense of unity.

Supported by AOTO's high-end technology, esports Style UENO showcases the unique charm of esports culture and the spirit of exploring future entertainment experiences. It serves not only as the ideal place to watch top-tier eSports competitions but also as a key platform for promoting eSports cultural exchange and industry cooperation, providing a space for the eSports community to share their passion and experiences. By applying advanced LED display technology to the eSports field, AOTO and KDDI have created new value for gamers and the eSports community, enhancing the spectating appeal of eSports and deepening the emotional connection between spectators and the games. 

Looking forward, AOTO will continue its close cooperation with industry leaders like KDDI, exploring cutting-edge visual solutions not only in eSports but across broader entertainment and technology sectors. Through ongoing technological innovation, AOTO is committed to advancing the integration and progress of industries like eSports, virtual reality, and immersive entertainment, bringing richer, more interactive experiences to users worldwide.

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