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AOTO Made 90 Degree Seamless Bevel Display for Hong Kong International Airport 09-10-2015

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Shenzhen, China AOTO (China A-Share: 002587) On September 3rd, 2015, in Hong Kong International Airport, on passengers way to departures hall, they stopped in front of a tetrahedron “crystal”. All were amazed by gorgeous images from this translucent “crystal”, one after another took photos.

This is a kind of tetrahedron LED display system for Hong Kong International Airport operator, 90 degree seamless bevel display, fine color and abundant layering, providing a perfect platform for Martell, and got high praise from client.

Hong Kong International Airport as the global aviation transport hub, over 63.4 million passengers a year, it is a key position for high-end brand to grab. While passengers have visual fatigue on traditional LED advertising screen, the advertising value begins to drop. So Hong Kong International Airport needs innovative and wonderful display ways to recapture passenger’s attention and monetize advertising value.

Facing the new challenge, AOTO Electronics creatively proposed tetrahedron LED display system. The design of 90 degree seamless bevel display, it gives security for advertisers’ unlimited good ideas. Meanwhile, it meets designer’s creative inspiration, and brings novel and peculiar visual perception for audience. At the same time, on display effect, color bright and clear, color accurate reduction. Automatic brightness control technology can adapt to different environment brightness, make passengers more comfortable. 90 degree seamless bevel display, accurate color, and quiet technology, these series index make cosmetics and wines advertisers speak highly of AOTO Electronics.

Before Hong Kong International Airport project, AOTO Electronics as a LED display system supplier for many famous international airport and air transport hub, such as New York JFK International Airport, Paris Charles de Gaulle International Airport, London Heathrow International Airport, London Waterloo Railway Station, Brussels International Airport, Shanghai Pudong International Airport, Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport, Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport, Macao Airport and so on. AOTO Electronics display system has been considered as representative creative and digital media model in global top airport and airport transport hub.

About Hong Kong International Airport

Hong Kong International Airport is one of the world's largest aviation hubs, is the Airports Council International elected the world's best airport, and was Skytrax 5 consecutive years as the world's best airport. Hong Kong International Airport has 164 parking bays, three runways; operate 24 hours a day, connecting 180 destinations worldwide, operating in more than 100 airlines. 2014 Hong Kong International Airport passenger volume exceeded 64.7 million people; it is one of the world's top ten busiest passenger airports.

About AOTO

AOTO (China A Share: 002587) was founded in 1993 and located in Shenzhen, China. Based on 20 years of experience for LED displays, AOTO has become one of the leading LED display complete solution providers in the world. AOTO focuses on the professional industries, offers a complete solution for our clients, which includes requirement analysis, system design, product R&D, manufacturing and professional services. AOTO LED display has been widely used in the advertising, sports, rental field. With strong R&D team and global technical support capacity, AOTO exercises its innovation and service, keeping the leading position of LED Display industry.