AOTO Creates a Stunning ‘TV Studio’ Scenario at 2019 IBC 09-16-2019

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2019International Broadcasting Convention (IBC) was officially kicked off 3 daysago in RAI Amsterdam, Nederland, and it will last until 17th, Sep. As the world's most influential media, entertainment and technology show, IBC has attracted large numbers of visitors and exhibitors each year. In this year, AOTO brings a brand new booth image through the vivid simulation of a TV Studio, which leaves a fabulous impression to the live visitors.

AOTO’s booth packed with the advanced and high-qualityproducts, such as the CLD Mini RS1.5, C1.8, SP10C, and exclusive controller,enhanced by the stunning visual performance. The 60 square meter booth featuredwith an impressive TV Studio, embellished by AOTO new brand color – Blue that drew a great deal of attentionfrom the passersby.

AOTOhas successfully unveiled its core LED displays. CLD Mini RS 1.5, C1.8 andSP10C have been well received. AOTO Mini RS 1.5 is specially tailored for thehigh-end rental market, and it inherits the advantages of AOTO Mini LED. Withunparalleled color accuracy technology, up to 8000:1 high contrast, HDR 10, andmoiré effect reduction, RS 1.5 obviously presents a cutting-edge visualperformance. In addition to this, the flexible structure design simplifies theinstallation and disassembly process, for example, one 4K display installationcan be finished by two people in just two hours, which shorten the project timeand enhance efficiency.

AOTO SP10is the world's first SMD panel with 360° protection, which is specifically madefor sports stadiums in particular football. Its superior color display, highcontrast ratio, high refresh rate and wider viewing angle have become the newstandard of FIFA and UEFA. Together with AOTO virtual broadcast technology,SP10 guarantees the real-time broadcasting with low latency, around 2 frames,which definitely increase the information accuracy and optimize the watchingexperience.

Sincethe last 2019 InfoComm Orlando, AOTO C1.8 has achieved a good reputation fromthe industry. At this time, it still catches people’s eyes with its innovativemodule design. C1.8 supports flexible convex and concave formation, and it canachieve a minimum diameter 0.92m. All these help to meet a variety of designrequirements. This series can also be applied in both indoor and outdoor occasions.As the new product of AOTO, it is expected to be widely adopted in the futureworldwide.

As acompany that has experienced 26 years’ development and challenge, AOTO alwaysfocuses on customer relationships and product quality.  ‘Attractive Technology’ is the new slogan ofAOTO, in the future, AOTO will still firmly insists on technology-orienteddevelopment direction and provide better service and product to customersworldwide.