AOTO 4K Mini LED Sparks the 2019 InfoComm SEA 05-16-2019

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As the fifth exhibition project hosted by InfoComm Asia in Asia Pacific region, the 2019 InfoComm SEA was opened on 15th May 2019 in Bangkok, Thailand.Although this is the first professional exhibition in Southeast Asia, a largenumber of leading companies from global professional audiovisual and integrated system field are actively participate in it.

Fine pitch and ultra-high definition are recognized as the key tendency of the LED industry. AOTO exclusive Mini LED fine pitch product and 4K, 8K HD video processing system is at the international advanced level, attracting manypeople from the industry. For better visual feeling, AOTO chose white as the main color of its booth at this exhibition. The two Mini LED displays that locate on the stand wall broadcast promotional videos and images respectively, which showthe static and dynamic beauty. Many visitors are deeply immersed in the AOTO LED technological atmosphere.

The main 4K screen that highly focused by the public is AOTO Mini LED CLD27RS,which is specialized in the high-end rental application, such as the auto show,product launch conference and international meeting, etc. This product achieves the double requirements of LED fine pitch and display quality, and it also solves the product defects of traditional SMD and COB products by all in one packaging technology, electronics circuit design and cross groove design. Comparing with the traditional LED displays,AOTO Mini LED brings more clear images through its 4K ultra-high definition video processing technology. The high-resolution screen largely enhances the audience’s visual experience.

In addition to the 4K ultra-high definition video processing technology, AOTO also successfully developed 8K processing system. Currently, AOTO Electronic Intelligent Video Technology Research Institute focuses on the 16K and 64K processing system. It is expected that AOTO' 4K, 8K, 16K, and 64K ultra-high-definition processing technology will be the direction of industry pursuit for a long time.

In the future, AOTO Electronics will invest more on 8K ultra-high definition video control technology and Mini LED technology under the spirit of continuous innovation, and provide better service for global customers.