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AOTO Brings Stunning LED Displays to Harrods 11-26-2016

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AOTO Brings Stunning LED Displays to Harrods
Shoppers who come in to the new grand entrance hall at Harrods will be greeted by several crystal-clear LED displays on each floor. AOTO supplied 12pcs fine pixel pitch LED displays (AOTO M1.7C and M2C), with 60 square meters of coverage. On every floor, a large video wall stands at the aisle while two rectangular screens are installed on the entrance hall.

Harrods, an upmarket department store located on Brompton Road in Knightsbridge, London, is one of the world’s top luxury shopping destinations and also a symbol of London and British culture. The store occupies a 20,000sq.m site and has 330 departments covering one million square feet of retail space. The newly installed LED displays will be used to show advertising messages, recorded videos and promotional information to draw the interest of those who enter the store.

Front Serviceable and Changeable Style of AOTO Display
The LED displays provided for Harrods are MXC series displays from AOTO which are featured with front maintenance, very suitable for the store where footfall is constant and installation space is limited. If some modules need to be replaced or repaired, engineers can use customized maintenance tools to dismantle the modules quickly and directly.

AOTO’s displays can also be installed into different shapes. At the entrance of each floor, there are two rectangular screens composed of 12 individual LED panels that are very eye-catching for customers. The pillar shaped seamless LED display is positioned at 90 degrees with a perfect mechanical structure which enables a display of stunning imagery and enhances the experience for customers in such a well-known department store.

Cutting-edge Technology Guarantees the Perfect Images
Thanks to the cutting-edge calibration technology, the display can produce excellent image clarity and contrast with wide angle visibility for customers, creating stunning displays of the featured adverts. The unique 8K control system and 24 bit processing depth can guarantee perfect colour fastness and showcase realistic and detailed pictures with smooth motion reproductions. The mask, housing the LED modules, can protect the display, which is ideal for fixed installation.
A set of self-developed software is also supplied for display operation by AOTO including Blue Peacock System, LED Construction and Video Control System. The equipped software is used to edit video clips and images to guarantee the smooth operation of display and realise the remote network management. AOTO software enables all displays to showcase the same promotional advertisement at the same time to capture the attention of customers quickly.

AOTO Brings Stunning LED Displays to Harrods
As a famous department store with a long history, Harrods have chosen LED displays to replace conventional publicizing patterns, which will reduce operational cost and promote the commercial value of the brand. “ AOTO is delighted to be working with Harrods on the LED displays for the new grand entrance hall and therefore providing the highest quality components. In this very successful department store which has a high volume of customers arriving every day, safety is an important element to be considered. Complying with EMC, AOTO displays can avoid interference and radiation to other equipment.” Steven Shen said, the CEO of AOTO.

Founded in 1993, AOTO has become a leading LED display solution supplier in the world and can provide superior quality products for customers with low operation and maintenance costs. Apart from the Harrods project, lots of successful projects haves also been installed by AOTO including the M3C in Hong Kong International Airport , the M3C in the Parisian Macao. Expert at professional solutions for upmarket retail business, financial organizations, international airports, advertising and television industries, AOTO has been widely adopted and become the representative of high-end LED display.