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AOTO LED Display Systems Shine on TBS Set in Atlanta 10-19-2016

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AOTO M2.5 Display Deliver Images in TBS Studio
AOTO is selected by the TBS an American famous television channel to supply the LED display system in its 3,000-square foot new-built studio in Atlanta. The video walls of AOTO that are featured on the studio are composed of three separated displays, the first one standing behind the anchor desk, the second one mounted on the anchor desk and the other installed at the left wall in curved shape.

The TBS, owned by the Turner Broadcasting System division of Time Warner, carries a variety of programming, with a focus on sports events, including Major League Baseball and portions of the NCAA. While the three displays of AOTO are made up of 157 individual LED panels—M2.5 series which create the main anchor video wall and left wall background.

The main video wall behind the anchor desk includes 9 meters wide by 3 meters tall LED displays which is used to project the main broadcasting graphics and highlights. The second screen on the desk is a curved LED video ribbon to display the main information of the TV programmes. The other screen is actually a curved LED video wall comprising 36 LED cabinets, which brings infinite creativity to the studio.

Display High-Quality Image with Anti-glare Properties and Absence of Moire Patter
The high-resolution LED-M2.5 modules demonstrate high quality image processing for demanding applications. Thanks to the high resolution (2.5 mm pixel pitch), the professional image processing and the mask housing the LED modules are ideal for permanent installations

In addition to that, it is also quite important for TV broadcasting that the images without moiré on the display because of High Speed Camera System in the studio. Generally speaking, the narrower pixel pitch LED display is, the less moiré demonstration is conducted. However, the small pixel pitch products always come with high cost and low protection grade. Thanks to the anti-moiré pattern technology, M2.5 modules AOTO provides for TBS can produce graphics in the wide viewing angle without moiré, but also guarantee the colour fastness and image quality. During the TV broadcasting, even if the video camera stands very close to the display, AOTO can still show augmented reality images without moiré.

AOTO Takes the Lead in TV Broadcasting Solutions
David Wu, the CTO of AOTO said: “In this new studio of TBS, AOTO provides the highest quality components and we are delighted to have been chosen TBS. As a leading LED display supplier, AOTO can provide superior quality products for customers with low operation and maintenance costs, high life span, highest reliability, brilliant colours, precise light control and low noise.”

AOTO has provide lots of professional solutions for TV broadcasting studio, including CCTV, TNT, CBS,SKY and so on, which has been widely adopted and become the representative of digital media.