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AOTO Ultra HD LED Displays Light up the Conference Hall at China Telecom’s Headquarters 09-06-2016

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Beijing China – Aug. 23, 2016 - China Telecom, one of the world's leading integrated information service operators in China, has unveiled its headquarters conference hall that includes an AOTO ultra-HD led display wall. In an effort to create a more engaging digital experience for group conferences and press releases, China Telecom chose AOTO electronics to manufacture the centerpiece of the room, a high-end ultra-HD LED display in their conference hall on the Beijing Financial Street.

For this multi-functional conference hall, AOTO provided seamless ultra-HD direct view LED display. The main screen is a 1.7mm pixel pitch display with 24-bits of color depth processing that give it rich and vivid colors. This technology really shows off the highlights of the presentations given on it leaving a great impression on the viewers.

Being chosen by the China Telecom Group further positions AOTO as one of the leading ultra-HD LED display providers in one of the most competitive marketplaces in the world. With the bright, delicate, comfortable colors and vivid color effects, the display accurately shows the brand’s image and messages in any format.

AOTO's ultra-HD LED display systems are used in high-end conference rooms, control rooms, command centers, TV studios, high-end retail stores and other indoor applications. The UHD products have a wide color gamut, fast response speed, high contrast and a wide viewing angle without any color shifts or blurring. With the development of our super high resolution technology and lower prices, the direct view LED is gradually replacing traditional interior LCD and DLP video walls that are stitched together and show unsightly seems.

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